Tip of the Week

November 1, 2021

Small goals drive intrinsic motivation

Big goals are achieved by setting and achieving smaller goals along the way. Short, attainable goals are especially helpful for students who struggle with executive function. For example:
Big goal: Get an A in Science 
Smaller goals to help get there:

  1. Make better use of class time by paying closer attention and taking more (or some!) notes.
  2. Make sure all homework is handed in on time. 
  3. Practice self-advocacy and plan to meet with the teacher at least once a week after school to ask questions about things they don’t understand.
  4. Study an extra 10 minutes per night to reinforce what was taught in class that day.

Achieving smaller, more specific goals as your child works toward their bigger goal will help keep them focused and give them a greater sense of accomplishment, thereby driving intrinsic motivation.