Tip of the Week

August 29, 2023

The strategy that made all the difference

This summer we reconnected with a parent who had attended one of our free parent workshops in 2019. There, she picked up one of our homework planning tools designed to help students prioritize assignments, create an agenda, and estimate and manage time on task. She explained, “I gave my daughter a new copy of the tool every single week for four years, and it was this tool that got her through high school. It just clicked and made total sense to her.” 

One well-chosen tool that the student incorporated into their daily routine made all the difference in helping them regain, and then maintain, confidence and control over their schoolwork. The reminder here is that we don’t need to barrage our students with tools upon tools, strategies upon strategies. Our goal should always be to help students identify the few strategies that make sense to them and that they feel they can implement confidently. Then it’s a matter of giving them the time and space to practice and turn those well-chosen strategies into habits.