Tip of the Week

October 17, 2023

There are lots of ways to make par

On a golf scorecard, the score does not reflect style and how the golfer achieved their score; the score reflects the end result and how many strokes it took the golfer to get there. Similarly, for your child’s schoolwork, try and focus more on the results your child’s strategies yield, and less about the exact strategy they use to get there. Of course good, smart strategies are important, but there are lots of ways to “make par.” For example, whether your child uses a paper planner or online platform or app to track their assignments, what’s important is that they know what their homework is and that they get it done. Sometimes a teacher wants things done a certain way and students should abide by that. However, if there’s any flexibility in approach, try not to get stuck on the precise strategy your child chooses, and instead focus on the end result. That they accomplish their goal efficiently and effectively is the key.