Tip of the Week

October 1, 2019

Getting the Most Out of Your Parent/Teacher Conference

Parent/teacher conferences are on the horizon. Here are three tips to help you make the most of your time with your child’s teacher:

  1. Ask your child what you can expect to hear at the meeting. Allowing him the opportunity to fill you in on successes and possible areas of difficulty can give you a good sense of his impression about his own learning environment and process. This conversation will provide you with excellent data to share with the teacher that he/she may not have gleaned otherwise.
  2. Share specific strategies or approaches with your child’s teacher that have worked for your child in the past. Why reinvent the wheel if you have tried and true strategies that work?
  3. Ask good questions. For example: Are there specific ways you (or your child’s tutor) can best support your child outside of school hours? Teachers appreciate having a partner at home.