Tip of the Week

December 31, 2018

Happy New Year!

After a long, fun break it’s hard to get back into school mode. Here are two activities to help with re-entry:

  1. Treat Wednesday a little bit like the beginning of the school year. Take a few minutes to reorganize binders, notebooks, and your child’s backpack so your child can start the semester with a clean slate. Also, preview your child’s schedule for the upcoming semester. Identify big projects on the horizon, new sports schedules, and other commitments that will require planning and time management. With a little support and forethought, your child will enter the new year feeling confident, energized, and ready to go!
  2. Create goals for the second semester but call them New Year’s Resolutions! The key to successfully fulfilling resolutions is to keep them specific, attainable, and time-bound. When goals are lofty and ambiguous, they become overwhelming and inaccessible. Rather than “Get an A in science” try “I’m going to hand in all of my science homework and see the teacher after school at least twice a month to help clarify content I don’t understand.” By keeping goals focused and realistic, your child will have a much greater chance of following through and achieving them.