Tip of the Week

March 13, 2017

Listen carefully and ask the right questions

No student wants to feel overwhelmed or like school is a constant burden. If your child feels this way, it’s likely he doesn’t have any idea how to change his situation and as a result, the weight he’s carrying grows heavier each day. By being a good listener and asking him the right questions, you can help him navigate the unknown and regain confidence and control over his academics. First, validate his frustrations. (By acknowledging his feelings, you’ll signal to him that you’re interested and want to help). Then, listen closely and ask good questions to identify the root of what’s getting in his way. (Does the work feel too overwhelming? Does he not know where or how to start? Is he missing some of the materials he needs? Does he find the material confusing?) Finally, once armed with the appropriate data, help him problem-solve specifically against those key challenges he’s experiencing. By doing so, you’ll be teaching him explicit strategies that will, in time and with practice, help him get back on track.