Tip of the Week

September 16, 2019

Online Organization Matters, Too!

Have you ever “misplaced” a file on your computer or in the cloud? It’s frustrating and stressful. In today’s world, organization of online materials is just as important as the physical organization of backpacks, binders, and lockers. Here are two “getting started” tips to help your child create an online organizational system:

  1. Create an online folder for each class. Within that folder create additional folders to hold various types of assignments such as papers, study guides, tests, and homework.
  2. When creating documents, use descriptive titles so it’s clear what each document contains.

  3. Being organized creates a sense of control. And when a student feels in control, her confidence soars. When you talk to your child about being organized, make sure she’s considering both her physical and online materials.