June 7, 2021

Breaking News! Writing with a Purpose

Everything you read is written with a purpose whether it’s to inform, persuade, inspire, or question. In this elective, you will become a journalist and learn how to write with a purpose. You will write about topics that interest you in pop culture, sports, politics, and more. Throughout the elective, you’ll learn how to brainstorm, organize ideas, write, edit and publish a series of articles, including a persuasive opinion piece and a factual reporting piece for your readers. You will gain experience in writing techniques such as writing a captivating hook for your audience, utilizing evidence, and revising. By the end of the elective, you will have gained critical questioning, writing, and editing skills that will serve you well in the newsroom, and beyond!

Executive Function Skills

  • Writing process
  • Organization of ideas
  • Planning 
  • Task initiation
  • Self-monitoring and follow-through