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Executive Functioning Coach Greenwich CT

Learn Executive Functioning Skills and Achieve Tools for learning. Skills for life.™

Engaging Minds offers one-on-one tutoring for executive function skills to help students manage nightly homework and long term assignments, plan and manage their time, get unstuck, break down tasks into smaller pieces, set goals and monitor progress, and gain confidence, all toward unlocking their full potential.

We offer private tutoring with an executive function coach and the convenience of online executive functioning coaching for Greenwich students in grades 2-12. Our specially trained educational coaches work one-on-one with students and recalibrate their approach to the learning process. We meet students where they are academically, and because of this personalized approach, we are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of a wide range of students and young adults. We also work with students in grades K-3 in our Early Readers Program.

What is Executive Function?

The term “executive function” refers to the cognitive control processes of the brain that impact all domains of behavior. Executive function skills allow us to organize information for learning, prioritize ideas or assignments, initiate tasks, set goals and develop plans for how to attain them, plan steps for problem- solving, shift flexibly between different ideas or tasks, hold and mentally manipulate information, and focus our attention. Our executive function coaches, also referred to as EF Coaches or neurodivergent coaches, will give your child or young adult the skills they need as the foundation of academic success.

Executive Functioning Skills Include:

  • Organization of Materials
  • Organization of Ideas for Writing, Reading, and Studying
  • Planning and Time Management 
  • Task Initiation
  • Flexible Thinking and Transitions
  • Working Memory
  • Self-Monitoring and Follow-Through
  • Motivation and Self-Confidence

In addition to our classic one-on-one online executive function coaching online we also offer executive function-focused enrichment electives via EM Academy. EM Academy electives are designed to excite students, increase academic engagement, and provide additional rigor and enrichment executive functioning skills for those students that need it.

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Reviews For Our Coaching & Tutoring Programs

“My son has worked on and off with Engaging Minds for many years (from late elementary through college) and I can’t say enough good things about the program. Dan, the owner, has always taken a lot of care matching my son with his instructors, making sure that they had experience with my son’s age group and needs. Over the years, my son has worked with several instructors and each one has been better than the last (if that’s even possible!) Engaging Minds has helped to improve my son’s executive functioning, reading comprehension and writing organization. It has given him renewed confidence in his skills, as well as the self-assurance to seek out help when he needs it. I would highly recommend Engaging Minds to other families without hesitation.” Rebecca R.

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Academic success and self-confidence begin here. Learn how we can help.  Icon

Academic success and self-confidence begin here. Learn how we can help.

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We provide one-on-one executive function coaching for students in grades 2-12. To keep parents fully in the loop with the work we’re doing, we’ve created a password protected portal, EMChat™, which facilitates ongoing communication between instructors and parents. And we offer a variety of workshops to educate parents on the importance of executive function skills in their children's success.

Education Professionals

Engaging Minds offers a variety of professional development workshops for educators. As a certified PDP provider with the state of Massachusetts, Engaging Minds has extensive experience training and educating participants in all facets executive function. All offerings are run in a workshop-style format, engaging participants in case studies and interactive exercises throughout.