Tip of the Week

November 1, 2022

Anything but homework!

When they’d rather be doing so many other fun things, getting started on homework is a real challenge for many students. It can feel overwhelming, they may not know where or how to begin, or they may not even know what their homework is! If getting started is a consistent challenge for your child, create a Ready to Learn Checklist together. The checklist will become something they can reference by themselves to help them settle and get underway. The list could include: 

  1. Links to portals and websites (all the places teachers list homework)
  2. Supplies check: pens, pencils, paper, post-it notes, etc.
  3. Set up in a quiet space with table, chair and ample light
  4. Phone away
  5. Chargers for all devices
  6. Fidgets
  7. Timers
  8. Drink/snack

Creating a checklist is proactive and will help your child become more independent.