Tip of the Week

December 13, 2021

Baseball players, yardsticks, and studying for tests

There are many reasons why your child may not score as well as they hope on a test or quiz. One cause we often overlook ties all the way back to the resources they use to study. Just as a baseball player doesn’t go up to bat with a yardstick, students also need the right tools in hand in order to have a chance to succeed. A poor test result may be due to ineffective note-taking and annotation of text that happens in the days and weeks well before the test is even assigned. A student can study for hours on end, but if the resources they’re using to study are incomplete, unclear, or not well organized, time spent isn’t the issue. Make sure your child is taking good, thoughtful notes in class and annotating their texts well. With effective resources as the foundation for their studying, they’ll have a far better chance of scoring well on the exam.