Tip of the Week

December 5, 2023

Be a step ahead

Even on days with light or no homework, proactive students understand that there’s always something they can do to set themselves up for success in the coming days and weeks. While a reactive student tends to navigate day-to-day, sometimes scrambling to catch up, a proactive student finds ways to stay a step ahead, cultivating a sense of control over their academic and personal lives. They engage their executive function skills and break down assignments into manageable tasks, initiate less preferred tasks in advance, maintain robust organizational systems, plan ahead, and create buffers that offer opportunities for flexibility when needed.

Below are some examples of proactive steps students can take to stay a step ahead. What would your child put on their list to become a more proactive student?

  • Search for an make a plan to complete missing work
  • Neaten and organize my physical workspace
  • Organize digital files into file folders
  • Clean out my backpack and file papers into my binder or folders
  • Clean up my email inbox
  • Rewrite notes in my own words to solidify understanding
  • Identify long-term assignments and break them down into component parts
  • Gather resources and begin to create study guides for upcoming exams