Tip of the Week

January 16, 2024

Executive function and the GOAT

Love them or hate them, under the guidance of Head Coach Bill Belichick, the New England Patriots achieved unprecedented success for more than two decades. The question other team owners and coaches have grappled with over the years was, “How does he do it and how can we emulate it?” Look no further than executive function! 

When you consider Coach Belichick through an executive function lens, you realize he is an executive function legend. Here’s how:

  • Belichick is renowned for his meticulous planning and preparation. 
  • The Patriots’ consistent success can be attributed to their disciplined execution. As Coach Belichick implores: Do your job.
  • Belichick’s coaching philosophy emphasizes adaptability and adjusting strategies based on the opponent and game situation. 
  • Belichick’s approach extends beyond individual games; he builds teams with long-term goals in mind. 
  • The Patriot Way mentality fosters a culture of continuous improvement and striving for excellence.
  • And all of this leads to confidence. Belichick instilled in his players that anything was possible. 

To quote our own tagline, executive function skills are “Tools for Learning. Skills for Life.” Thanks for the memories, Coach!