Tip of the Week

January 23, 2024

When the student becomes the teacher

When it comes to truly understanding and synthesizing information, being able to teach it to someone else is a great benchmark for assessing mastery. When your child is preparing for an exam, have them go beyond simple definitions and explain the material to you in a clear, logical way. If they’re able to teach you the material and answer your insightful questions, you can both be confident that they truly understand it.


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Engaging Minds is a leading executive functioning coaching organization that offers personalized, one-on-one tutoring services for students in grades 4-College. Engaging Minds provides students with learning skills and strategies to become motivated, independent, and confident learners. Drawing from a methodology designed to enhance academic engagement, strengthen executive function and learning skills, and provide content support, Engaging Minds instructors develop individualized learning programs that meet the needs of each student to improve their executive functioning skills and overall learning experience including: organization of materials, organization of ideas, planning & time management, initiating tasks, flexibility and transitions, motivation & self-confidence, working memory and self-monitoring and follow-through. Engaging Minds’ experienced instructors help students manage nightly homework, long-term assignments, and unlock their full potential. With a learning center in Newton, Massachusetts, and a team of highly trained educational executive functioning coaches nationwide working virtually with students, Engaging Minds provides tailored support to meet the diverse needs of students – both in person and online. Engaging Minds’ mission is to provide Tools for Learning and Skills for Life™, empowering students to succeed academically and beyond. To learn more about Engaging Minds, visit https://engagingmindsonline.com/