Tip of the Week

May 2, 2023

Fire prevention is the key

At this time of year it’s easy, and sometimes critical, to fall into fire-fighting mode to ensure your child reaches the finish line. At the same time, it’s important that your child closes out the year feeling more than just relief. They should also finish the year feeling confident and in greater control of their academics as they’ll carry those feelings with them into the next school year. So as you help your child put out the inevitable fires that pop up during these next several weeks, try and also include some fire prevention strategies by providing scaffolds, big-picture thinking, and planning. 

For example, if your child has a big project due in just a few days, in fire-fighting mode your instinct might be simply to help your child get it done. However, if you take a few extra moments to review directions with a purpose, create a graphic organizer, or work backwards from the due date to make a day-by-day plan, you will help lay the underpinnings of good executive function skills and strengthen their toolbox for the future. The sense of accomplishment your child will experience by getting through their work thoughtfully and with purpose now will help them enter the new school year with greater confidence and independence.