Tip of the Week

May 9, 2023

Boundaries + Expectations = Order

Parents and caregivers quickly learn with toddlers and grade schoolers that children need adults to set boundaries and limits. And as they get older, many students need adults to help set expectations and hold them accountable to them. This applies to homework, technology use, and even chores around the house. When you set boundaries and clear expectations, you help create order. And when things are in order and expectations are understood, students are more likely to succeed. This is always trickier with tweens and teens. Sometimes, the accountability piece, especially around school work, needs to come from someone outside the home rather than an immediate caregiver. Even if the words are the same, students just hear it differently from someone else. So whether it’s you or another adult, set boundaries and set clear expectations. With the right support your child will be more likely to honor the boundaries and rise to the expectations.