Tip of the Week

November 21, 2023

No screens, no problem!

Long weekends and holidays present a great time to practice executive function skills in a fun, meaningful way, apart from schoolwork and without screens! 

  1. Baking treats is a delicious way to practice planning, organizing, and following multi-step directions. Plus, this is one time you can guarantee your child will check their work!
  2. If your family is traveling, helping to plan the trip from beginning to end requires research, planning, prioritizing and flexible thinking. It’ll make the trip more fun for the kids if they have a voice in the planning.
  3. And for a little old-school, whole-family fun, board games like Monopoly, Clue, checkers, and chess help practice longer-term planning, strategic thinking, and even some mental math.

Wishing you a wonderful week filled with family, friends and new memories. Enjoy!