Tip of the Week

April 11, 2022

Preparing for an exam

Last week we discussed gathering all the resources your child needs prior to sitting down to study. Once the resources are in hand, it’s a matter of using those resources effectively to ensure they’re prepared and ready on exam day. 

  1. Use the study guide and additional resources to identify the content of the exam and then use it to create a checklist of the topics that will be covered. Use the checklist to review what your child already knows and what they still need to learn. They can then focus and allocate their study time appropriately. 
  2. Identify appropriate study strategies. If the test is predominantly multiple choice, practice process of elimination skills. If it focuses on vocabulary, create flashcards or use “quiz yourself” methods. If your child needs to prep for essay questions, focus on broad conceptual ideas and outline major themes and supporting details they’ve learned.
  3. If there’s a lot of content to cover, it will be important to chunk it out and break it into bite-sized pieces. Your child can create a calendar to identify when they can devote time to studying.