Tip of the Week

April 11, 2023

The internet can be tamed

For many students (and adults), the internet can be an enticing, never-ending rabbit hole that’s difficult to avoid and then escape. If your child is unable to set and stick to their own limits on the internet, it becomes incumbent upon an adult to step in and help. A quick Google search reveals many useful apps to help you and your student regain control over the internet. Rescue Time and Bark are good examples of what’s available. Rescue Time tracks time spent on various websites. Knowing where and how your child is spending their time online is the first step to recovering and managing that time. Both Rescue Time and Bark can help set limits and block specific websites. Bark also offers internet monitoring options for caregivers. We suggest exploring these apps, or one of many others available, together with your child. Transparency and a shared goal of regaining control over internet usage will create more awareness of the challenge and actively engage your child in developing a solution. The internet can be tamed. It just requires an intervention.