Tip of the Week

December 19, 2023

The tortoise wins again!

It seems counterintuitive to most students, but rushing through work just to get it done often creates more work and takes more time than doing it more slowly and carefully the first time. When we rush, we’re prone to making mistakes, misinterpreting directions (or ignoring them altogether), and producing subpar work, all of which leads to extra time correcting errors and redoing work. 

To help your child see the value of a more deliberate approach and prioritizing quality over speed, start by identifying moments when rushing has been detrimental. For example, a chaotic morning rush to get up and out the door can lead to forgetting essential items, missing breakfast, and a stressful start to the day. Then, start small and celebrate success. Encourage your child to experiment with a single task or routine, emphasizing the minimal time increase and celebrating positive outcomes. Success is a powerful intrinsic motivator.