Tip of the Week

October 14, 2019

Be Proactive and Consistent About Organization

A clean backpack and orderly binder makes every assignment easier to find, complete, and turn in on time. However, in the rush to get to the next class or activity, students often stuff loose papers haphazardly into binders and backpacks (and likely assure themselves they’ll come back to organize it later). Backpacks and binders quickly become an organizational morass which leads to “missing” materials and wasted time searching for those materials. Help your child be consistent and proactive about organization:

  1. Set aside a specific time for cleaning up and rearranging school materials. Once weekly, make time to recycle unnecessary materials and file away loose papers. Place additional materials, like pencil cases or calculators, in pockets where they belong.   
  2. Many students benefit from the creation of an “organization checklist” with step-by-step instructions to help them move through the process on their own. Organization requires memory, and a checklist will ensure a smooth and consistent process week over week.