Tip of the Week

October 10, 2016

Perfect time for an academic check-in

This is a perfect time for an academic “check in” with your child. For many students, the sheen of the new school year is gone and reality has set in. Your child is being assigned papers, projects and assessments in addition to having to up his game for an increased nightly homework load. He’s got a lot going on! Check in to see how he’s faring thus far and determine if any adjustments to his approach are required at this time. Be sure to ask for evidence; most schools provide online tools to help students (and parents) keep tabs on grades, missing assignments, and upcoming homework. And look through his backpack and binders with him you may be surprised at what you find (like missing homework!). Many students are able to hold it together for the first five or six weeks of the school year, but as things ramp up and the workload gets heavier, this is about the time when the wheels start to fall off. Check in to ensure you catch him before things begin to spin out of control.