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March 24, 2014

When homework is *truly* finished

When your child tells you he’s done with his homework for the evening, remind him that his homework isn’t truly...

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March 19, 2014

Support, information and advice for parents

While there is no question that every child’s issues in school are as varied as the children themselves, it may...

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March 17, 2014

Create new habits through practice

Practice may not always make perfect, but it certainly makes better! The key to success in any skill-building process really...

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March 10, 2014

Creating a study-friendly environment

Research has shown that creating a study-friendly environment free from distractions is the best way to help students focus and...

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March 3, 2014

One size does not fit all

Each of your children is different. They each have different strengths and weaknesses, and it’s likely their interests vary as...

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February 27, 2014

How long will my child need tutoring?

We are often asked: “How long will my child need to be tutored?” It’s a wonderful question but one that...

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February 24, 2014

Homework tips for parents

Check out this excellent resource from the U.S. Department of Education: Homework Tips for Parents. It offers a great way...

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February 17, 2014

“Stay-cation” learning can be fun!

Is your family enjoying a "stay-cation" this week? Great! You don't need to travel very far to give your child...

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February 10, 2014

Model the behaviors you want to encourage in your child

Model the behaviors you want to encourage in your child. If your child is tasked with reading for 20 minutes...

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February 4, 2014

Creating a Study-Friendly Environment

Until fairly recently, the prevailing wisdom around “study spaces” was that a student needed a specific space in her home...

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February 3, 2014

Encourage active reading strategies

No matter how engaging the material, everyone "spaces out" sometimes while reading. But if your child is trying to read...

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January 29, 2014

The Adolescent Brain and Learning

There’s been a recent explosion in talk about learning and the brain. In fact, it’s probably enough to make some...

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